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What to Ask a Wisconsin Shirt Company Before Hiring Them
March 23, 2021 at 4:00 AM
These questions will help you find the best shirt company in Wisconsin.

Whether you’re searching for promotional products to grow your company’s brand, need giveaway items to celebrate a special occasion, or simply want to add unique apparel to your wardrobe, a shirt company in Wisconsin can help. However, if you search for a custom T-shirt provider near you, chances are you’ll get an overwhelming number of results.

If you need help narrowing down your options, then the team here at Four Seasons Screen Printing recommends asking the following questions to ensure you get a final product that you love.

Helpful questions for Wisconsin shirt companies.

Can you meet my deadline?

Oftentimes, people need their custom T-shirts printed and ready for a particular event, which means the Wisconsin shirt company you choose must have the capacity to adhere to a strict deadline. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a bunch of shirts that can no longer serve their intended purpose and the bill for the services.

Here at Four Seasons Screen Printing, we have facilities filled with the industry’s latest technology and a team of experts who are ready to create your custom T-shirts. We’re confident that we can turnaround the final products in a timely manner, and if we don’t think we can meet your deadline, we’ll tell you exactly that.

Will you make any adjustments to my design?

Our goal is to always recreate your custom design as closely as possible so that you get a final product that you absolutely love. However, sometimes the design you create can be slightly off or not translate well to a larger medium such as T-shirts. When that happens, we’re more than happy to step in on your behalf.

We’ll happily remove unnecessary backgrounds, adjust images so they truly pop on the shirt, and edit text placement to be more congruent with the larger medium we’re working with. The end result is a custom-designed T-shirt that looks professionally done and will impress everyone who receives it.

What type of printing methods do you use?

Different types of custom T-shirts benefit from different forms of design application, so it’s always best to choose a Wisconsin shirt company that specializes in multiple methods. The team here at Four Seasons Screen Printing is happy to offer both screen printing and embroidery services. Our screen printing service provides dynamic printing for garments and accessories to deliver an image with sharp lines and deep colors.

We also have quality embroidery machines in-house that allow us to create intricate designs sewn into your T-shirts and other accessories. We take careful precautions and focus our efforts down to every last meticulous detail to recreate your custom design on a shirt that is both durable and comfortable.

How limited am I in terms of what I can create?

You don’t want to spend your valuable time creating the perfect logo or design only to be told that it can’t be recreated on your shirts, so you need to find a provider who has the capabilities to recreate yours perfectly. We use the industry’s latest screen printing and embroidery machines to accurately take your design and put it onto our shirts, giving you more freedom to design exactly what you want.

You’re also not limited to just shirts when you partner with us. You can put your designs on other items such as hats, scarves, bags, or uniforms. This gives you more options so you can get the perfect combination to suit your needs.

Are you searching for a shirt company in Wisconsin?

Then reach out to the experts here at Four Seasons Screen Printing. As a local family business, we’ve spent the last 20 years working with area schools, non-profits, and businesses throughout the state of Wisconsin. No matter what your printing needs are, we’re confident we can serve you with a hassle-free experience and deliver premium products. Learn more about the services we offer, or you can message us online with any questions you may have.