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What Demographics are Purchasing Screen Printed T Shirts?
October 3, 2022 at 5:00 PM
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T shirt screen printing has long been a popular form of not only artistic expression, but efficient product design. In recent years, screen printing has seen a resurgence in popularity with demographics young and old. If you’re interested in screen printed products as either a business or consumer, you may be curious with whom screen printing services are particularly popular. Our team at Four Seasons Screen Printing has you covered.

Four Seasons Screen Printing is a family business with over 20 years of experience providing our Wasau, WI clients with quality services. Our extensive experience allows us to provide an expert breakdown on the major demographics purchasing screen printed products today.


Maybe the soccer team needs some updated t shirts or AV club wants some swag for morning announcements—whatever a school requires, we can screen print it. Local Wisau schools are some of our biggest clients.

Screen printed t shirts are popular with schools not only due to their chic design qualities, but because of their durability. Screen printing has set the industry standard for quality t-shirt printing for years—and with Four Season’s exceptional materials and diverse design options, you can easily understand why.

If you’re interested in t shirt screen printing for your school's sports teams, events, and more, Four Season Screen Printing is here for you.

Local businesses

Another major player when it comes to purchasing screen printed t shirts are local businesses. Four Season Screen Printing is a valued member of the Marathon City, WI community, providing local businesses with quality screen printed materials for more than 20 years. From branded t shirts for their customers to chic designs for local boutiques, Four Seasons provides the local business community with reliable and quality services.


Providing a client with an exceptional product is always a great feeling, but even more so when you know that client is giving back to their community. Non-profits are another large source of our t shirt screen printing sales. With a constant rotation of events and an endless amount of swag to offer their donors, nonprofits are always looking for quality providers for their t shirts—we’re happy to do the job.

More than just shirts

As a screen printing business, we make a lot of t shirts, and the businesses listed above are some of our most faithful consumers in that realm. However, screen printing is a versatile service that can be used for a myriad of products.

We offer a number of products to our clients—including canvases, prints, and posters of the highest quality. Screen printed artwork is wholly unique and a great addition to any home. You can make your own custom design or bring us work commissioned by a designer, and we’ll help you choose the perfect size and format. Screen printed artwork is great for creative endeavors and promotional materials alike.

Additionally, we also offer canvas totes and reusable grocery bags. Canvas totes are incredibly chic and, with a funky screen printed design, make for the perfect addition to an outfit or storefront. While reusable grocery bags, on the other hand, are easy on the environment and a great way to showcase your brand out in the world.

Get in touch!

If you’re looking for the perfect screen printing service in Wisconsin, look no further. Whether you’re an everyday consumer or a member of some of our target demographics, we’re ready to provide you with the very best screen-printing providers have to offer. Reach out on our contact form today to get started showcasing your brand and designs to the world.